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Our industry specific real estate services span across a variety of asset classes in all major Southern California markets. Market specific expertise and experience set us apart from the rest. We consider our reputation and long term business relationships which is why we make sure our clients are always making informed decisions and acting in their own best interest. 

As part of the SVN Network, our advisors commit to listening and serving the needs of the client with the highest level of CHARACTER, COMPETENCY, AND CERTAINTY.


The SVN Vanguard office team is ready to fulfill your needs when it comes to buying, selling or leasing an office building whether it be a CBD trophy high-rise or class A to C building. Market conditions are constantly fluctuating and our advisors are on top of the forecasts and trends. Whether you are aiming to hold long term or sell, we offer the expertise needed to produce the best possible outcome for you and your asset. 

For groups and individuals interested in leasing office space, our office experts are equipped with an ever evolving understanding of the market that we use to help each company in finding the ideal location that will foster their growth. 


SVN Vanguard’s industrial group is constantly monitoring both Los Angeles County and Southern California market trends and forecasts. No matter if you are looking to lease, buy, or sell a standard industrial building, flex space, large industrial park, or a free-standing net-leased building, our advisors have the market knowledge to assist you in making an informed and wise decision. We are constantly monitoring the industry specific factors that affect the industrial market. Our industrial team pays close attention to key factors that impact utility of each property such as demographics, site plans, tenant mix, tenant credit as well as current traffic patterns and any proposed local infrastructure changes. 


Retail has proven to be the fastest changing commercial real estate sector. Now more than ever, retail real estate investors need an experienced and proactive advisory team on their side.  SVN Vanguard’s retail advisors are at the forefront of helping tenants and owners alike, in envisioning the thriving retail spaces of tomorrow. 

Ownership of a retail property, be it nationally anchored, shadow anchored, or a neighborhood center, can come with challenges in today’s changing market. SVN Vanguard’s Retail Team leads with the mission of adding the most value for our clients. Our knowledge of the Los Angeles County market and up and coming national trends is constantly adapting to meet new demands of consumers and clients alike. As part of the SVN network, we have access to properties and market data from throughout the United States and work collaboratively with other brokerages throughout all 50 states. 


Whether you are looking to sell or purchase apartment buildings locally or out of state, SVN Vanguard’s Multifamily Team’s collaborative approach allows us to pull expertise and market data from diverse markets throughout the nation using the SVN network. Possibly more valuable than in any other asset class, our national multifamily reach is one of our strengths in terms of investment potential and producing a higher return on investment for our clients.  Locally, we are experts in Southern California but our collaborative platform allows us to operate with the best outcomes for our clients at the national level. We deliver results regardless of the size of the asset and routinely work with clients ranging from mom-and-pop owners in tertiary markets to institutional multi-state portfolio buyers.  Our goal is building long term clients relationships built on trust, respect and adding value.


The SVN Vanguard Land team is a nationally recognized leader in negotiating the purchase, sale, and leasing of raw land in Los Angeles, Orange, San Diego, Riverside, and San Bernardino counties as well as throughout the United States.  We have a proven track record of advising and guiding clients with pertinent details that could impact the feasibility of their investments. The SVN Vanguard Land Team is also consistently successful in sourcing land (both on and off market) for buyers and developers with specific requirements.  

SVN | Vanguard assists with:

Developers, owners, banks, investors, and tenants.

Our experience in advising both tenants and landlords sets SVN Vanguard apart from the competition. Our clients benefit from our insight on both ends of the negotiating table which more often than not, leads to best possible terms and outcomes for all parties involved.  

SVN Vanguard routinely works with owners, banks, investors, and developers, in Southern California and beyond to maximize NOI, valuation and highest and best use for properties. As part of the SVN Network, our access to state of the art technologies and platforms that provide business intelligence make our team stand out from the rest. 

Our leasing advisors assist owners in adding value to their properties by decreasing vacancy rates and securing returns on investment for years to come. 

SVN Vanguard’s tenant representation professionals are ready to assist regional and national alike. We provide tenants with up to date market expertise and guidance to make sure that landlords compete for their presence.  The result? Ideal space for an ideal cost. 

Increasing competition means increasing values.

SVN’s national auction platform give buyers access to a diverse property pool while still providing boots-on-the-ground expertise in local markets across all product types. 

Open Outcry Auction
This type of auction is the most commonly known and recognized. Sellers set terms, pre-sale market and complete due diligence prior to the auction. In addition, pre-qualification and proof of certified funds is required for all bidders. Live events take place at a designated time, place and location. 

Sealed Bid
Also held at a designated time and place, the sealed bid method includes predetermined terms of sale. Private offers are submitted to a specified location and sealed, as opposed to openly declared at the auction. Sellers then review offers in a closed-door setting. This method creates more control over transactions. Sealed bid auctions tend to be more ideal for hard to value assets, in which sellers have the choice to ask for  “best and final” offers from qualified principals in a competitive price setting.

Owners, investors, banks, developers, and tenants.

Regardless of the commercial real estate asset classes, SVN | Vanguard’s sale/leaseback team is ready to provide you with both national and local expertise. Our sale/leaseback team brings clients opportunities that meet their investment and credit requirements, while actively monitoring relevant market conditions. Our strong relationships with capital partners who are well versed in the sale/leaseback process adds value for investors in growing their vital long-term partnerships.

Unsurpassed service.

We know that each investment property is unique and that one-size-fits-all approaches to property management is inefficient. Our knowledgeable and attentive property management experts service clients and their properties experience and understanding. We put ourselves in the shoes of a landlord and we look for savings and solutions that efficiently raise asset value, retain tenants and reduce operating costs. Our mission is always to achieve maximum returns for our clients through improving cash flow and adding value to each property.

Our presence within the SVN network keeps us on top of the best management practices being implemented nationwide. SVN manages approximately 41,000,000 square feet of commercial properties, more than 25,000 multifamily units and 4,800 student housing beds. We are ranked within the top 10 firms in the nation according to Commercial Property Executive magazine.

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