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At SVN | Vanguard, we put the wants and needs of our clients at the forefront of all we do. We don’t just believe in this motto, we incorporate it in our written agreements. Not only is this true on a national and local level, it is the main factor that has propelled SVN to become one of the most well known commercial real estate brokerages in this market and around the world. 

In Depth Local Expertise Backed By Constantly Expanding National Reach

In the Los Angeles County market, engaging SVN Vanguard means enlisting a team that is on your side. Our platform is built on providing our clients with the most up to date local market expertise and all the benefits of a national firm’s reach in a manner that prioritizes conserving time and resources. 
To that end, SVN Vanguard advisors are constantly accessing innovative online publications, syndication software, leading-edge research, CRM programs and National Product Councils. Combining shared best practice expertise and high end technology gives our Advisors the upper hand when it comes to providing our clients with a superior service that prioritizes their valuable time and return on investment.
Years of experience in Los Angeles County and surrounding markets has shown us that the best way to ensure a successful transaction is to maximize exposure for each and every property.  Our advisors save our clients time and money by expanding their marketing pool of potential buyers beyond just those whom they may have a chance at representing.

Isolating the number of people who see our listings to just our buyers and potential tenants alone can cost our client a significant amount of money, which is why, although our buyer pool is a strength we regularly use, our goal is to get the largest audience to see each and every listing.  To ensure we are delivering on that goal, we agree in writing to each client that their listing will get the most exposure possible from the first day of representation and beyond, so as to garner the most offers possible. We aim to bring our clients the highest and best offers available in the marketplace. 
By constantly expanding our buyer and leasing pool, our advisors are able to bring our clients the most competitive and attractive offers in the Los Angeles market and beyond. Our platform allows our team to reach buyers and lessees from Main Street to Wall Street and everywhere in between. The SVN Difference increases exposure, thereby increasing the amount of offers generated which leads to an increase in successful transactions. 

Compensated Cooperation

At SVN Vanguard, cooperation is more than a buzzword. Cooperation is ingrained into SVN’s structure at the national level through our structure, training, and philosophy. We put cooperation into practice in everything from our belief system to the way we operate as a company. 

Compensated cooperation means that our brokerage commits to sharing transaction fees fairly with other agents, outside brokers, and independent agents. A broker will never be excluded from compensation because they are not a part of our network. We welcome and encourage all outside brokers and buyers as this has proven time and time again to lead to more profitable outcomes for our clients. 
In terms of integrity, SVN Vanguard advisors believe Compensated Cooperation is simply the right thing to do when doing business. 

Maximum Exposure & Cooperation = Maximum Value

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